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              - world farming -

- is a personal project of Mark Reader -

FarmBenchmark.com was in pilot mode in 2013, and this page is a placeholder, with some details of the site.

This site will only ever be as useful to you as you make it - from your goodwill and from the goodwill of other contributors. So, please do fill in details for at least one crop, and as much as you can of 'Farm data'.

Initially, I will confirm and discuss with everyone who authorises access to third-party data - before accessing the data.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to contribute data or if you have any queries (see my number and email on the About us page). Your patience and goodwill will be appreciated.

World Fertilizer and Yield Averages (2002 data)
Example crop page - Bangladesh RICE
Farm example page - Michigan Corn/Soy
About farmbenchmark.com - screenshot
Agreement; Disclosure; etc
Setting up preferences for units and conversions